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Our efforts go beyond what most expect by creating lasting relationships with our clients and vendors.

Cook Pump and Supply will also furnish surface equipment such as blow out preventers, stuffing boxes, ball valves, nipples, rod rotators, polish rods, and any other supplies needed to tie into flow line.  We will also be using pump parts fittings and supplies that are from reputable API (American Petroleum Institute) certified vendors.  Cook Pump and Supply, LLC will have a competitive advantage with our quality of workmanship and knowledge of the industry.  We also have a reputation in the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin for quality, honesty, and service well beyond its competitors.

Cook Pump and Supply - Team and Value

Providing an experienced team with latest industry knowledge is our best value.


Cook Pump and Supply, LLC’s number one priority will be to produce down hole pumps that last and perform.  A down hole pump lifts fluid from a well bore to the surface using displacement.  A pump runs on the bottom of a rod string which is tied to a pumping unit (pump jack).  As the pumping unit strokes up and down the fluid is displaced at the pump and then lifted to the surface by the pump.  Normal life span of a pump is 2-3 years and varies depending on well conditions.  Pumps are pulled due to three main reasons; rod failures, tubing failures, and pump failures.  When pumps are pulled they will be picked up from location and brought in for servicing.  Cook Pump and Supply, LLC will design, suggest, and recommend the best design for whatever the client desires.  We have almost every option available to us to create any bottom hole assembly to get best performance and run life possible for you.